Wednesday, July 25, 2012


...done right. Because there’s black on black and then there’s black on black. And this is the latter. And if you understood the previous sentence and the tone of voice with which I wrote it, you'll understand this: this is what styling black is all about: the ability to wear a black skirt, a black shirt, a black jacket, black accessories, and match a black car behind you while still looking cool. And happy. And ungloomy. Perhaps it's the voluminous and peplum-styled  quality of the shirt. Or the leg-bearing skirt. Or the simple white addition incorporated in the blazer's upturned cuffs. Whatever it is, it's right. Way to go, Olivia Palermo. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


With a last note on summer’s shoes before summer ends and we go back to covering our toes and ankles and legs and sometimes even thighs, I introduce to you a trend that you can’t enter the cold weather without having tried: the black and lucite shoe. My affinity with this particular shoe started while watching a certain Oscar de la Renta menswear inspired pair come down his Spring 12 runway, and ever since I’ve been stuck on the style. And the more I’ve seen, the more I’ve liked, and have therefore come to conclude that black and lucite are instrumental partners in a match made in shoe heaven. Going from left to right and top to bottom, I give you: Mango yellow heeled pumps, Marc Jacobs cowboy boots, 3.1 Phillip Lim peep toe shooties, some added silver in the Topshop pair up top, a hoochi mama Versace pair you couldn’t pay me to wear – just kidding, you could – Christian Louboutin classics with an ankle strap, Versus heels that are more mesh than lucite (but who’s counting?), booties that so clearly scream Margiela there’s no need to say it, Donna Karan strappy wedges, Zara sandals that are long gone but still worth the show, my favorites: the aforementioned Oscar de la Renta freaks that I love beyond measure, and last but not least Theysken’s Theory pumps. The end. 

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Monday, July 23, 2012


And who cares if there’s nowhere to go. Because if last season brought about the mixing of prints, then this season introduces the opposite. Or if not the opposite then at least a somewhat different way to wear prints: lots and lots of the same exact one.  In suit form. It’s a trend that celebrates color and over-the-topness while simultaneously giving you something to wear to an interview, and you can be sure we’ll see at least a few of these suit styles in Tommy Ton’s snaps come fashion week. Above you’ll see from left Miu Miu F/W 12 with dark hues and black accessories, followed by metallic, palazzo, and plaid by Marc Jacobs Resort 13, and, on the right, a reincarnation of the 60s and its psychedelic prints by Prada F/W 12.
 I emulate, or at least try to, in a floral suit, however decide it’s best not to take myself too seriously while dressed like this. After all, if I won’t confess to looking like a complete fruitcake, a nutty art teacher will suffice.
 Yes, I was stopped on the street and asked if I was joking. If I had forgotten the date of Halloween. If I really thought I looked good. And to all I answered I don’t know, and I don’t really care, because I would wear it again. In a heartbeat.

H&M pants and jacket, Tsquared tank, American Apparel button down, Zara heels, Karen Walker sunglasses. I love you, now love me too. Email me at Like me on Facebook. Follow me on TwitterBloglovinPinterest, and Instagram.