Thursday, December 29, 2011


By now we’ve all heard of it before. And most of us have definitely tried it. What’s the “it” I’m talking about? Mixing prints. I know, mixing shmixing, blah blah blah, old news. So we’ll fast forward to newer news in the print department: something I like to call blending prints. (Yes, I know, not so original. But who cares? The idea is way more important than the title.) What is blending prints, you ask? It’s my made up term for wearing two (or more) of the same, or very similar print. Oh yea, that means wearing animal prints galore. All at once. And all of the same type. And as you can tell from the title, snake prints are on the agenda today.
 Although I chose my outfit before finding these oh so fantastic ladies, I figured I had to show them to you. They fit today’s theme a bit too perfectly. And if you don’t like taking inspiration from me, at least take it from them. After all, they pull it off way better than I do.
Photos via Stockholm Streetstyle
Big disappointment, I know. No snake up top. Just me, doing what I do best, wearing black. Actually, better yet, styling black. Because a little bit of ruffle and a little bit of swing do a lot to an otherwise simple black coat. And now, moving on to what’s really important, guess what’s below the coat. Just guess. Or you can scroll on down, I guess that works too.
Tadaaa! Snake skin pants. And snake skin shoes. Together as one. A totally blissful and perfect marriage. And yes, I did buy the shoes to match the pants. They needed each other.  Simple as that.
View from the back, meet view from the front. A smiley, stupid looking front. Who thinks its ok to put her hands on her hips in public and smile like it’s nobody’s business. But I guess there’s not much else to do when wearing an outfit like this.
Except for this. You can do this. But I swear this was candid. I wouldn’t do this on purpose! Some idiot told me to try and sit on that thing, not realizing that my legs are too short to get up there gracefully. So I jumped. And swung my legs over it until I finally reached. It took skill. And upper body strength.  Come on, laugh with me. Or laugh at me! Either or.
Snake pants and snake shoes, so perfectly matched they could practically be fused to form footsies. You know, the pajamas with feet? And together, they style a black coat well, well, well. So there you have it, blending prints and styling black all at the same time.

Wearing an Andrew Marc coat, a Banana Republic button-up, Zara pants (similar ones here), and Tinley Road shoes.
Photos by Alicia Hanau.


  1. ahhh, i love the snake squared!
    this post was so funny