Thursday, January 12, 2012


Madness, madness, madness. Oh, and if you didn’t understand my preliminary conjecture, more madness. Any other adjective works as well. Preferably, positive ones. Actually, definitely positive ones. Because Pre Fall collections this year have been unbelievable. In a completely positive way. By the way: if you haven’t already come to the ultimate conclusion that I should have made clearer with the title and first sentence above, madness comes to mean a few things in the terms of this post, none of them having anything to do with anger. We’re talking more along the lines of amazingness, perfection, and the like. Not that I’m getting overly excited or anything. And onto more general Pre Fallness. One would think that Pre Fall has the potential to be pretty iffy. Could be a hit, could be a miss. Why? Well the prefix ‘pre’ kinda says it all. In between collections. But does that mean the clothing fits in between the goodness? In between the stylishness of our most coveted brands? Not this year. Definitely not.
Oh Prabal Gurung. You outdid yourself with your Spring 2012 collection. And then oops, you did it again. Pun totally intended. Intentions also encompass your reminiscing of Britney Spears in her good old days and the dances you used to make up with your friends in your basement. Hand to butt slapping and all. The things I like at the moment? Geometric shapes, metallics, asymmetrical hemlines, dropwaists, and fur. And this collection has it all. Check, check, check. No I’m not going through every check. Let’s just check them all. And try to understand the ultimate message. Pre Fall is good. Prabal Gurung Pre Fall is even better. 
 As you know, I’m all for layering. And if you don’t know, leave. Now. Just kidding! Come back. And tell your friends to come also. Because you (and your friends) have to see this collection. You have to. Proenza Schouler creates outfits so effortlessly combined through layers that it makes me smile. Lips stretched from ear to ear. My mouth hurts. But less about me, more about the collection. Jewel tones rock my socks and I can’t get enough of the texturized black. Quilted, pocketed, ribbed, and much, much, more. Don’t forget the leather sleeves. And the drawstrings. All in our favorite color. Collective our.
 This Peter Som collection may be my favorite. Emphasis on the may be, because I’m still having a pretty tough time deciding. Too many options for my small-minded self to handle. So many unique prints and textures seamlessly integrated into a collection worthy of being one of my favorites. I can never say no to a leopard-floral ombre. Or to the irony of an ensemble I would classify as laid-back-prep-school-chic. And just to remind you of why we’re all here, take heed of the intricate black details in each look. Take heed.
 Yea, I picked a lot of P’s. Prabal, Proenza, Peter. (Yes, we’re all on a first name basis.) So moving onto the G’s. Well, one G. Totally worthy of this post before I say goodbye in order to not bore you with my annoying captions all day.  You’ve had enough of me already, I get it. So hello, Giambattista Valli. Hello, hello, hello. I never want to say goodbye to the multicolored fur, animal prints, and pant suits. Speaking of, the dress all the way to the left kind of makes me wish I bought the very similar Macys version. And one more note. Polka dot tights. Enough said. Oh Pre Fall 2012. So great. And this is just the beginning. Make sure to check out the rest of the collections here

Photos via Vogue. 

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