Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I keep on trying to decide how I should move forward with this blog. It’s relatively new, getting some face-time, and I think it’s right about that time when I’m due for a direct consultation. No, I don’t mean consult with crazy fashion whatevers or people I don’t really care about. I want to consult with you, my very best friends, my readers and watchers and figure out what you like most. Because yes, I created this blog as a form of self-expression, and yes, I believe black is the best color ever, but more importantly, I write this blog with the fundamental idea that I’m writing to you. So, once again, I’m calling all you guys and gals and cats and dogs and all else who read this oh so wonderful blog, and asking you what you think. I wanna hear what you like, don’t like, what you want more of, or less of, whether you love me, or even if you really really hate me, I just wanna hear something. Lots of things. So hit me up here. I’ll be waiting…
And on that note, or more realistically because I wanted a picture to go along with the post, behold a photo from Style Tao. Because pictures and posts are like peas in a pod, they go together, not alone. Take note of the different dimensions and textures of black and realize how cool it is and why I love this idea to such an extreme: so much black clothing, so little boring. A black tweed coat, black skirt, black quilted bag, black Chanel doll, and its still so, so easy on the eyes. Actually, it’s much more revolutionary than easy: it’s simply amazing. And with that, I wish you a very, very happy February. Don’t forget to email me your thoughts, feelings, or send over some love notes; I can't wait to get them.

Photo via Style Tao.


  1. fashion insights, creative new concepts, and tons of wittiness! If you have the time check out my blog today and tell me whast you think of my latest post! Thanks, love!


  2. lovely choices and good taste.

  3. that Chanel bag is amazing!!!!!
    xx s

  4. Love it

  5. love this soo much! emailing you now....