Tuesday, March 13, 2012


… Because Fashion Week in Paris seemed a bit overused. But don’t be fooled, that’s why we’re here, to discuss Fashion Week. In Paris. It was a week of fun and games, and more importantly good, groundbreaking fashion. A lot of the same things we saw in New York resurged in Paris, there was lots of monochromatic black, white, and color, and even more fur. There were also some new things, some old things, and some collections that I couldn’t let go by without discussing. And that’s where we start off today.
 With Chanel, of course. Karl took three-piece suits to the next level, putting skirts over pants, and adding some jackets. He went ice themed, all the while using architectural designs and intricate detailing. This clothing proves his apt ability to style black.
 Let’s not forget the details this collection has to offer, including eyebrows I’m not sure I know how to describe, and some amazing ice-tipped Lucite heels.
 Miu Miu went for pantsuits galore, and reminded us that mixing prints is not yet dead. Colorful platform booties and pastel eye makeup transported us back to a nice sort of dream world. I’m particularly partial to the yellow blazer-cape medley on the right.
 Carven’s collection was beautiful as usual, providing us with high fashion yet totally wearable clothing. The black dress in the middle leaves wearers with a permanent Angelina Jolie, and the blue dress on the right reminds us of those Alexander Wang cape heels, only the capes have transported themselves to the upper shoulder regions of our lovely bodies.  Yay. More cape fun for us.
 Finally, Alexander McQueen went all out with fur, glorious fur. Sarah Burton added some silver detailing onto almost each outfit, echoing her interesting and fun choice to play them up with visors galore. I’m feeling them. If the sun’s too bright for them, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s too bright for me too.

Photos via Style.com.
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