Thursday, April 5, 2012


Because why would you restrict something to the region between head and chest when you could just wear it, well, everywhere? And so, today, we discuss the succession of the scarf from its original standstill place on the neck to the arms, torso, and even legs.
 Starting with Salvatore Ferragamo’s Signorinas who wear colorful scarf dresses and ultimately define the essence of signorinas.
 Continuing with Dries Van Noten who fashions scarves into super cool pants.
 And finally moving onto me, because I do too. Which brings me to the next segment of our discussion: taking the runway and making it real life, real time, less expensive. So say hello to your very own Dries Van Noten for less.
Mine may be suited for warmer weather and smaller bank accounts, but it has blue, black, and some scarf pants. All in all, it gets the job done. In fact, it may do the job even better. Especially when added with a black background to make it less fruity, and a black tank to pull the look together.
 So wear scarf-printed attire on top, bottom, or all over. Or, just take a scarf and tie it around any body part you see fit. 

Wearing Zara pants, a Tsquared tank, an H&M vest and cardigan, and H&M shoes. Photos by Alicia Hanau, via Marie Claire and Style.comI love you, now love me too. Email me at Like me on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin.


  1. loveee itt!!!!!
    scarves are so in right now!!!!

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  3. great outfit love the pants they look amazing!
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  4. OH my gosh. Not only are you like, beyond gorgeous, but these pants look incredible!

    I am so ashamed to say that I haven't seen anything like these before. I need to get myself a pair, because I am seriously obsessed with them. I love how you styled them, too. The black shirt/blue jacket combo works wonderfully.

    Such an awesome blog.


  5. Very cool! Love the first photo - the prints are beautiful :) Have a great weekend!!

  6. i love your look! that jacket is really pretty! scarf designed clothing is trendy these days and i find it very stylish.